Corvo’s All Traits in Dishonored 2

1. Physical Appearance

Corvo Attano definitely stands out in Dishonored 2. His physical appearance is that of a man shrouded in mystery and power. As a former Royal Protector and Lord Protector of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, his hardened yet regal face is symbolic of one who has endured countless hardships. Corvo is a master swordsman and his swordsmanship is evidenced by his well-defined musculature and the strength of his grip. His many years of service have earned him an array of scars and marks across his face, making him an intimidating figure. Corvo has glowing, yellow eyes that serve as a reminder of his supernatural abilities, and a commanding voice that resonates with authority when he speaks. His clothing is a testament to his undertaking as an assassin, with his signature black and white mask being the most recognizable. It is undeniable that Corvo possesses a presence that is unmissable, and an aura that demands respect.

2. Abilities

In Dishonored 2, Corvo Attano has a range of playable abilities that have been enhanced from the first game. That includes the ability to possess and control animals and people, the power to teleport and slow down time, and the new ability to summon a doppleganger to aid him in his mission. He also wields a range of weapons, from a crossbow and a sword to a pistol and grenades. All of these abilities can be used to navigate the game’s many levels, gather information, and dispatch enemies. Corvo also can use his abilities to manipulate and shape the environment around him, allowing him to find alternate paths and solutions to the game’s puzzles.

3. Personality

In Dishonored 2, Corvo is portrayed as a complex, multifaceted character. He is a master assassin, skilled at his craft and highly trained in combat, yet he is also a compassionate protector and a loyal friend. His personality is driven by his past experiences and his sense of justice, which can lead him to make difficult decisions. He is a determined leader and an independent thinker, capable of making decisions that go against the established rules and authorities. He is also a man of honor, willing to take responsibility for his actions and willing to stand for his beliefs even when it means going against the tide. Corvo is a man of conviction and a mentor, willing to guide and protect his allies and willing to make sacrifices for the greater good.

4. Story

The story in Dishonored 2 is an intriguing one, with a lot of moving parts. Players take on the role of Corvo Attano, the legendary protector of the Empress, who has been framed for her murder. In order to clear his name, Corvo must seek out the truth and his lost daughter, Emily. As Corvo, you will have to infiltrate the treacherous world of the Grand Serkonan Empire and navigate its politics, factions, and hidden threats. Along the way you will meet a host of interesting characters, discover unique locations and uncover powerful and strange artifacts. Corvo will have to choose between different paths as he strives to clear his name and restore order to the Empire.

5. Relationships

The relationships in Dishonored 2 offer a unique dynamic as you travel through the game. Corvo and Emily Kaldwin have a strong bond that is tested throughout the game. Emily begins her journey as a Princess and by the end of Dishonored 2 she is a trained killer and Royal Protector. As Corvo assists Emily in her journey, he is able to develop a strong and deep relationship with his daughter. The following are the various relationships Emily and Corvo have throughout Dishonored 2:

  1. Emily and Corvo have a strong father/daughter bond
  2. Corvo is Emily’s Royal Protector
  3. Emily and Meagan Foster have a strong friendship
  4. Corvo and Meagan Foster have a strong mentor/student relationship
  5. Corvo and the Outsider have a unique bond

These relationships grow throughout the game, and give Dishonored 2 a unique, personal story. The player is able to witness Corvo’s growth as a father and as a teacher as well as Emily’s growth as a leader and a protector.

6. Reception

The reception of Dishonored 2 was overwhelmingly positive. Critics praised the game’s level design, voice acting, art direction, and writing. On Metacritic, the PlayStation 4 version of the game holds an average score of 88/100, while on PC, the game scored a 91/100.

The game was praised for its:

  1. Wide range of playstyles
  2. Unique world and characters
  3. Challenging but rewarding missions
  4. Fantastic visuals and sound design
  5. Smooth and responsive controls
  6. Flexible character progression system

Overall, Dishonored 2 is one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2016, and is considered by many to be one of the best games of the year.

7. Legacy

Dishonored 2 – 7. Legacy: the seventh and final part of Corvo’s tale. In this episode, a supernatural force sent by the Outsider returns Corvo to his former self while also giving him even more powerful powers. He experiences a great transformation, both physically and mentally. His journey culminates in the ultimate showdown with his long-time enemy, the forces of the Grand Serkonan Empire. The story comes to an end with Corvo and his allies being triumphant. Corvo’s new powers are especially noteworthy. His legendary abilities now include:

  1. Powerful Runes that can be used to upgrade weapons and utilities
  2. The ability to turn into a swarm of rats and bypass obstacles
  3. New supernatural powers: time slowing down, possession and mind control
  4. The ability to permanently disable enemies with dominoes
  5. The ability to summon creatures to aid him in battle
  6. The ability to travel through time
  7. The ability to manipulate time to influence events

These new and improved powers can be used strategically to confront the might of the Grand Serkonan Empire and bring peace to the land. Legacy marks the end of Corvo’s legendary journey and his triumphant return to Dunwall.

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