Dishonored 2: Corvo’s Skill Tree

1. Overview

Dishonored 2 is the much anticipated sequel to the hit 2012 game, Dishonored. This game brings back the same stealth action, with a few twists. Players take the role of either Corvo or Emily Kaldwin, with each having their own unique set of supernatural abilities. Corvo’s skills are split into three skill trees to give players more freedom in how they approach each mission.

The following is a breakdown of Corvo’s skill trees:

  1. Shadow – focuses on Corvo’s stealth capabilities, allowing him to move undetected, cloak himself in darkness and create distractions.
  2. Chaos – focuses on Corvo’s combat capabilities, allowing him to wield swords and firearms with deadly accuracy, as well as summon monsters to aid in battle.
  3. Mystic – focuses on Corvo’s supernatural capabilities, allowing him to manipulate time, possess animals and take control of enemies.

Each skill tree offers a different play style, and with the addition of rune upgrades, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are a stealthy assassin or a battle-hardened warrior, Dishonored 2 offers something for everyone.

2. Corvo’s Attributes

In Dishonored 2, Corvo Attano continues his story as an assassin and supernatural protector of the Empire of the Isles. As a master of stealth, Corvo’s skill tree consists of a range of skills, attributes, and abilities that make him a formidable assassin. As Corvo progresses in the game, his attributes will also grow and develop, allowing him to become even more effective in combat and in his mission to protect the Empire of the Isles. Corvo’s attributes include increased strength and agility, increased health, increased resistance to damage, and an enhanced ability to possess and control other creatures. Additionally, Corvo can now use magical powers to manipulate time, become invisible, and teleport himself around the world. All of these abilities make Corvo an even more powerful and effective assassin than before, allowing the player to create their own unique and deadly assassin.

3. Corvo’s Skill Tree

In Dishonored 2, Corvo has access to a powerful set of skills in his skill tree. These skills are divided into three distinct categories:

  1. Powerful Offense – These skills offer Corvo powerful offensive capabilities, from improved swordplay to teleportation.
  2. Defensive Strategies – These skills enhance Corvo’s defensive abilities, from stealth to defensive charms.
  3. Utility – These skills give Corvo an edge in a variety of situations, from manipulation to time manipulation.

Players can choose which skills to upgrade and customize Corvo’s abilities and playstyle to their liking. Corvo’s skill tree is expansive and offers players a great deal of flexibility in how they approach each mission. Every skill offers a unique benefit and players can combine skills to create devastatingly effective strategies. With the right mix of skills, Corvo can become a powerful force that can sweep through any mission.

4. Movement Skills

In Dishonored 2, Corvo can upgrade his movement skills to let him traverse the world even more gracefully. The most notable of these skills is Blink, which allows Corvo to instantly teleport up to a maximum distance. This can be used to traverse large gaps or to quickly reach a higher vantage point. Corvo can also upgrade his ability to swim, allowing him to stay underwater for longer. He can also upgrade his Jump ability to make leaps that would otherwise be impossible, while the Agility upgrade increases his speed and climbing abilities. With these upgrades, Corvo can use the environment to his advantage and quickly move around the world to complete his objectives.

5. Combat Skills

Dishonored 2 includes five combat-oriented skills to add to the repertoire of the legendary assassin, Corvo. From summoning rats to possess his enemies to freezing time around him, Corvo is versatile and powerful. Here is a breakdown of the five skills:

  1. Possession: Corvo can summon rats to possess his enemies, all the while gaining valuable insight into the environment.
  2. Windblast: With a shockwave of wind, Corvo easily stuns and disorients his foes.
  3. Shadow Kill: Corvo can dispatch his enemies without a trace, leaving behind a pile of ash.
  4. Teleport: This power allows Corvo to traverse the environment quickly and silently.
  5. Time Stop: Corvo can freeze time around him, allowing him to take out multiple opponents without them ever seeing him.

These exciting new abilities give Corvo an edge in his mission, allowing him to choose the best fitting strategy in any given situation. With the array of tools available to him, Corvo has the freedom to choose how to approach his enemies, making each experience unique and exciting.

6. Abilities

Dishonored 2 returns with a potentAbility Tree, allowing players to shape their character in unique ways. Corvo’s ability tree has a range of abilities that differ sharply from the first installment. Amongst the abilities, Corvo has the ability to summon a swarm of rats or command an army of them to overwhelm enemies. Corvo and Emily both have the ability to ‘Blink’ and teleport anywhere in a blink of an eye – great for tactical advantage and quick escapes! Corvo and Emily both also possess the ability of ‘Bend Time’, allowing them to slow down or pause time for a few seconds to get a better view of tactical payoffs or to catch enemies off guard. Furthermore, Corvo can possess animals and sleep darts to hypnotize enemies. Emily can ‘Domino’ her enemies, allowing her to tether multiple enemies together so that when one enemy gets knocked out they all do. Certain abilities can also be upgraded over time, allowing players to get more out of them. It’s clear to see that the ability tree in Dishonored 2 gives the players an immense amount of freedom in how they approach the game.

7. FAQs

Dishonored 2 has become one of the most successful sequels in gaming and fans are eager to know about the top 7 FAQs about this game. One of the most popular questions is what skills are included in Corvo’s skill tree. The skill tree includes a variety of lethal and non-lethal options like Blink, Possession, Devouring Swarm, Windblast, Bend Time, Domino and Shadow Kill. Each of these powers can be upgraded several times to boost their capabilities. Another frequently asked question is how to get the Outsider’s Mark and explore the Void. The Outsider’s Mark is earned by completing certain missions and tasks, while the Void is unlocked by completing special nightmare challenges. Players also want to know if there are any cheat codes. Sadly, Dishonored 2 does not have any cheat codes and encourages players to progress through the game without using any shortcuts. Finally, everyone wants to know how to increase chaos and upgrade Corvo’s abilities. Increasing chaos is determined by the actions taken by the player and Corvo’s abilities can be upgraded using runes and bonecharms.

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