Dishonored 2 Trophy Hunters

Introduction of Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is an action-adventure stealth game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game is the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2012 game Dishonored. Set 15 years after the events of the original, Dishonored 2 continues the story of Corvo Attano, who can now be played as either Corvo or his equally gifted protege, Empress Emily Kaldwin. Players will explore a vast world of exotic locations and characters as they attempt to reclaim the throne of the Empire of the Isles. Using a variety of weaponry and supernatural abilities, the player must use stealth, planning and resourcefulness to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies and complete the mission. With its unique combination of stealth, combat, and role-playing, Dishonored 2 is an immersive and challenging experience for gamers of any experience level.

Types of Trophies

In Dishonored 2, a wide variety of trophies can be earned from completing objectives, defeating enemies, and discovering secrets. These trophies come in different shapes and sizes, from the traditional bronze, silver, and gold trophies to the mysterious and sometimes bizarrely themed ones. The harder to obtain trophies are usually of higher quality. Some of these trophies require you to complete challenging puzzles, defeat powerful bosses, or complete difficult side-quests. Some trophies will even require multiple play-throughs of the game to collect all necessary items. Whatever the case, unlocking all trophies is a surefire way to become a true master of Dishonored 2.

Tips for Trophy Hunters

Dishonored 2 is a great game for those looking to earn trophies. For trophy hunters looking to secure that Platinum Trophy, here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Begin the game on the hardest difficulty setting to make sure you get all the trophies you need.
  2. Complete all side missions for additional trophies.
  3. Explore everywhere to find hidden areas and collectibles.
  4. Choose non-lethal takedowns whenever possible for unlocking trophies.
  5. Make sure to unlock the Overseer, Assassin and Royal Protector endings for the various trophies.
  6. Visit chat rooms and forums to discuss the game and get more tips from fellow players.

By following these tips, you stand a good chance of getting the most out of Dishonored 2 and unlocking the Platinum Trophy.


Dishonored 2 is a unique blend of stealth, action, and adventure. It is the sequel to the 2012 hit game Dishonored and continues the story of Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin. Set in the fictional city of Karnaca, players step into the shoes of either Corvo or Emily to explore and uncover the mysteries of the city. You will battle against the oppressive regime that seeks to take control of their city and challenge their enemies in epic battles. As you travel through Karnaca you will come across special objects and weapons, which can help you in your quest. Your goal is to ultimately lift the city from its oppressive rule and restore it to its former glory. Dishonored 2 provides a thrilling and immersive experience that appeals to players of all backgrounds. Trophy hunters are sure to find a challenge in Dishonored 2 as they unlock the various achievements and trophies on offer.

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