How Long is The Main Quest in Skyrim?

1. Skyrim main quest length

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is renowned for its expansive and complex main quest. Even with sidequests and distractions along the way, the main story can take anywhere between 15 to 30 hours to complete, depending on the player’s playstyle and what content they delve into. As the Dragonborn, players are sent on an epic quest to save the world of Skyrim from the dragon Alduin who is prophesied to consume the world. Players must find allies and powerful weapons to help them defeat Alduin, but the journey puts them up against obstacles, rival factions, and powerful enemies that all vie for control over the province. With so much to explore and so many fascinating characters to meet, the main quest line in Skyrim provides an unforgettable adventure for those who want to become the ultimate Dragonborn.

2. Timeline of quest events

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an epic game with a long main quest. The main quest begins when the player character is being transported to the city of Helgen for their execution. From then onwards, the player embarks on a journey to discover their true identity as the prophesied “Dragonborn”, a person capable of using the power of dragons. Along the way, the player will visit cities, dungeons, and caves while completing tasks to uncover the mystery behind the dragons. As the player progresses, they will come across a variety of allies, enemies and unexpected twists. The quest culminates with the player reclaiming their birthright as the ruler of Skyrim and restoring peace to the land. As such, the main quest timeline is filled with interesting events, characters, and locations that highlight the beauty of the game.

3. Main characters of quest

The main quest of the Elder Scrolls Skyrim involves a battle between the members of the ancient race of dragons, the Dragonborn and their sworn enemy- the Aldmeri Dominion. At the beginning of the game, the player is sent on a quest to recover a powerful weapon- the Dragonstone. The player must then journey to numerous locations to gain the knowledge and strength necessary to face the Dominion’s forces. Along the way, the player will meet several main characters who will provide support, guidance, and even join as allies in the fight against the Dominion. These characters include High King Varian, Master Sinder Velvin, and Jarl Balgruuf. Each of these characters have their own motivations and unique experiences, providing the backbone of the main quest of Skyrim.

4. Rewards for quest completion

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, widely considered one of the best games ever released, offers one of the most rewarding main story arcs. Almost completing it guarantees that you’ll have achieved an incredible feat. After completing the main story, you will be rewarded with a multitude of unique rewards:

  1. Unique weapons
  2. Unique armor pieces
  3. Unique spells
  4. Unique items
  5. Exclusive gameplay challenges
  6. Achievements for your progress
  7. An increased difficulty level

This may seem like a lot, and it is. But they all serve as a testament to your success in completing this legendary title’s main quest. All of these items are exclusive to those who have completed the quest, and they are all worth using or unlocking.

5. Tips for completing the main quest quickly

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is an expansive and intricate game, with a huge main quest to complete. But if you’re looking to finish the main quest quickly, there are some tips you can use to make your journey smoother. Here are 5 tips for completing the main quest quickly:

  1. Do the side quests: Completing side quests can give you access to powerful weapons and spells that you’ll need for the main quest.
  2. Upgrade your skills: Spend time in improving your character’s skills and abilities so you can take on harder tasks.
  3. Focus on the main quest: Don’t get distracted by the side quests and focus on the main quest.
  4. Choose your battles wisely: Don’t fight every enemy you meet on your way—learn to pick your battles.
  5. Explore and gather resources: Explore the world and gather items that you might need in the main quest.

By following these tips, you can complete the main quest in Skyrim quickly and enjoy the rest of the game.

6. Alternatives to the main quest

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a thrilling adventure game full of engaging quests, and the main quest is no exception. While it may seem daunting at first, completing the main quest can take anywhere from 25 to 50 hours to complete. That said, there are plenty of alternative activities in Skyrim that will keep you busy for hours. Here are some of the best alternatives to the main quest in Skyrim:

  1. Side Quests
  2. Exploring
  3. Crafting
  4. Factions
  5. Dragon Hunting
  6. Globetrotting

Side quests offer plenty of opportunities to engage in thrilling adventures and uncover secrets. Exploring locations throughout Skyrim is a great way to keep things interesting, while crafting new items and weapons keeps your character equipped with the latest in technology. Joining factions or guilds is another great way to explore new avenues in the game, and dragon hunting is a fun activity for those looking for a real challenge. Finally, globetrotting is a great way to discover new locations and uncover hidden items, making the game a truly immersive experience.

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