Resident Evil 4: Treasure Guide

Introduction to Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is an action-adventure third-person shooter video game developed and published by Capcom. Part of the Resident Evil series, it was released for the GameCube in Japan in January 2005, and for the PlayStation 2 in the United States in October 2005. The game is set six years after the events of Resident Evil 2, taking place in 2004. The story follows Leon S. Kennedy, a member of the United States Secret Service, who is sent on a mission to rescue the daughter of the President of the United States from a sinister cult in a rural area of Europe. Along the way, Leon must battle against the cult members, as well as hordes of infected villagers, and even more terrifying monsters created by the cult’s leader, Osmund Saddler. With a captivating plot and intense action, Resident Evil 4 is considered one of the greatest games of all time, and won numerous awards, including multiple Game of the Year awards.

Mastering the Control Scheme

Resident Evil 4 is a horror survival game with a unique control scheme that can take some getting used to. When playing the game, you control the main character using the left analog stick and look around using the right analog stick. To interact with objects, you use the shoulder buttons, while the face buttons are used for running, aiming, and shooting. You’ll also use the D-Pad to access the menu, equip weapons, and assign items to your inventory. Mastering the control scheme will make the game much easier and more fun to play, since you won’t be fumbling around when trying to make progress. Taking some time to practice and get used to the controls is definitely worth it!

Finding Items and Money

With Resident Evil 4 comes tons of treasure, items, and money to collect. For the fullest experience, you’ll want to grab as much as possible on your first playthrough. Finding items and money can be a challenge, so here’s a quick guide to help you along:

  1. Keep an eye out for valuable items that enemies drop when you defeat them.
  2. Search every area thoroughly, as some items are tucked away in corners or otherwise hard to spot.
  3. Check out the Merchant in the game often, as he sells weapons and healing items that you may need.
  4. Look for suspiciously large pieces of furniture or active mechanisms for hidden items.
  5. Check out the merchants in the village and in Castle for rare items.
  6. Finally, pay attention to the story events; some items are only available in certain places during certain points in the story.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to find all the items and money in Resident Evil 4. Good luck and have fun!

Finding the Treasures

Resident Evil 4 can be a daunting and difficult game and one of the most challenging tasks is finding all the treasures. Sure you can miss the treasure and move on with the game, but it’s always fun to explore and search for extra points and coins to purchase upgrades or weapons. To help you in your quest and make it easier to find all these hidden treasures, here are a few tips and tricks. First and foremost, explore every nook and cranny in the game. Search behind crates and walls and in any crevices. Also, pay close attention to the environment, as some treasures are hidden in plain sight. If you don’t spot it right away, you can use the magnifying glass to search a wider area. Lastly, don’t forget to look up. Often times, treasures and coins will be waiting for you on top of certain objects or above certain doors. So take your time and keep an eye out for all of these hidden treasures in Resident Evil 4.

Rewards for Finding Treasures

Resident Evil 4 is an action-packed horror game that takes players on an exciting journey across a range of locations. While playing the game, players can explore and find a range of treasures that can be exchanged for rewards. These rewards can range from powerful weapon upgrades to helpful items such as healing potions. Finding the treasures scattered around the game world can be a challenge, as some of them are well-hidden. However, being able to locate them is well worth the effort as the rewards received for doing so can be very helpful in progressing through the game. So be sure to take the time to explore each area of the game to find as many treasures as possible, as doing so can be very rewarding.


Resident Evil 4 is an absolutely incredible game that combines thrilling action, puzzles and a spooky atmosphere. This guide has given you valuable information to tackle any of the game’s puzzles, enemies and bosses. To sum up our analysis of Resident Evil 4, we’ve compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages the game has to offer:

  1. Pros:
    • Easy to pick up and play
    • Variety of puzzles, enemies and bosses to keep gamers engaged
    • High replay value
    • Extremely immersive storyline
  2. Cons:
    • Relatively short main storyline
    • Lack of an easy to access inventory system
    • Occasionally too difficult puzzles or enemies
    • Some sections require too much backtracking

Resident Evil 4 is a game that is worth playing and it offers something for everyone. With its thrilling action, puzzles and spooky atmosphere, it is one of the best horror games of the 21st century and a must play for any fan of the genre.

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