Skyrim: Imperial Questline

Quest objectives

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a widely acclaimed role-playing game packed full of exciting quests and storylines. One of the most thrilling is the Imperial questline, which sees you take on the role of an Imperial soldier set to serve the Emperor of Tamriel. The questline starts in the city of Solitude, where you’re tasked with protecting the city and its citizens from the forces of the Stormcloak Rebellion. As the story progresses, you’ll be called upon to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances, uncover the secrets of an ancient artifact, and stand against a powerful enemy. Along the way, you’ll join forces with some of the Empire’s greatest warriors, survive a brutal civil war, and ultimately take the fight to the heart of Skyrim itself. Whether you choose to join the Empire or defy it, the Imperial questline promises an epic adventure filled with intrigue and danger.

Quest rewards

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim offers a wealth of rewards for completing the Imperial Questline. Of course, the main reward is the chance to make a difference in the civil war, as your decisions and actions ultimately decide the outcome of the conflict. But that’s not all. Completing the questline also awards you with a powerful piece of armor (the shield of Ysgramor) and the title of ‘Legate’, granting you admittance to the inner circle of the Imperials. Furthermore, you will also gain access to a lucrative trading route with the Imperials, allowing you to make a tidy profit while further aiding the cause. Finally, you will receive the hero of Skyrim achievement, a true testament to your skillful and dedicated role in the civil war.


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is one of the most beloved role-playing games of all time, and the Imperial Questline is an engrossing adventure. Set in the rich and vibrant world of Skyrim, players explore a variety of locations as they complete their quest. Here are some of the important locations in the Imperial Questline:

  1. Helgen: The town of Helgen is the starting point for the Imperial Questline. It serves as a safe haven for the player and is the site of a Dragon attack that kickstarts the quest.
  2. Castle Dour: Castle Dour is a castle situated in the city of Solitude, and it serves as home to General Tullius and his Imperial legionnaires. It is here that the player must convince Tullius and Ulfric Stormcloak to form a truce.
  3. High Hrothgar: High Hrothgar is a monastery located on the slopes of the Throat of the World. It is here that the player must learn the power of the Voice in order to complete their quest.
  4. White-Gold Tower: White-Gold Tower is the palace of the Imperial Emperor. It is here that the player is made commander of the Imperial Legion and must put an end to the civil war.
  5. Sovngarde: Sovngarde is the mythical realm of the Nords. It is here that the player finally puts an end to the Imperial Questline and is rewarded for their efforts.

From the town of Helgen to the realm of Sovngarde, the Imperial Questline offers an engaging and immersive narrative set in the world of Skyrim. Completing the quest will reward players with riches, status, and perhaps even a legendary sword.


In The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, there are a wide range of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that aid in the imperial questline. These characters, including Legate Rikke, General Tullius, and even Ulfric Stormcloak, can be interacted with to get different perspectives on the war between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks. NPCs also offer rewards for completing specific tasks, offering an incentive to complete the quests. Additionally, NPC conversations and dialogues can provide hints and clues, making it easier to understand the history and politics of Skyrim. NPC interaction is essential in learning more about the questline and achieving success in the game.


The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is a massive open-world fantasy RPG game with a huge variety of questlines and factions to join. One of the most popular factions in the game is the Imperial Legion. As a member of the Imperial Legion, players have the opportunity to serve the Emperor of Tamriel in defending the Empire’s borders, as well as aiding in civil conflicts. The primary mission of the Imperial Legion is to restore order to the provinces of the Empire and protect its citizens. Players can choose to join the Legion either by enlisting in the Legion at a recruitment office, or by side-quests. As a member of the Legion, players can participate in various side-quests and missions, such as eliminating bandits, rescuing prisoners, and exploring new regions. As players progress through the Imperial Legion questline, they gain access to powerful weapons and armor that make them even more formidable on the battlefield. After completing the Imperial Legion questline, players can take on the Imperial Throne and become Emperor of Tamriel.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an immensely popular roleplaying game full of achievements that players can unlock. One of the most rewarding achievements is completing the Imperial Questline, which involves a variety of tasks that must be completed in order to ultimately join the Imperial Legion. This quest line will have players travelling all over Skyrim, from the desolate fields of Whiterun to the smoldering ruins of Markarth. Players must also brave dangerous dungeons, fight through hordes of enemies, and battle dragons in order to prove their mettle and gain admittance to the Imperial Legion. Those who complete the Imperial Questline will be rewarded with a variety of powerful perks, as well as the pride of knowing that they have conquered an unforgettable adventure.

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