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Guys from Landfall created one hell of a action game that is played by all type of gamers all over the world. The game is simple to play and simple to understand. You can have some decent skills, but luck is the primary factor in the game. Luck being so important many gamers would think this is an RNG game where the randomness decides a winner. But that is not the case in the game; there is no randomness, you are just lucky or not. You can take shots, make decisions and in the end, you will see if the decisions were good or bad. It is not like Artifact a mega-hyped card game by Valve which is based on complete randomness. You can know all the tricks and tips in the game but in the end, if the enemy has the right card your skills and everything you invested in the game is not essential because a random play of that card will secure the victory for the player. That is the reason why some games will die and will never come back.

Stick Fight Game, on the other hand, is cheap, you can get it for 5 dollars from steam. The second most important fact about this game is thousands of positive reviews on the Steam. People just love this game, and in the review section, you will see why is that so. The game was firstly released in late 2017, and since then it is played, and positive reviews are just pilling.

About Stick Fight Game

The game is made with a real-life physics, which means that everything in the game works in the same way as a real world works. If you jump you will fall, if you run you move faster and there are various kung fu battle styles that you can use which on the screen look incredibly realistic.

The game can be played in a local or multiplayer way. At the same time, there can be a maximum of 4 players. The game has no single mode, and that means you will need to find at least one guy to play the game with you. In fact, the game is played as a battle royale, and there is only one mode: the last man standing. In other words, in the game, you need to destroy your opponents and be the last man standing. It is easy to say than do that.

Stick Fight Game is so popular because the fights are not lasting long, everything is done in a few seconds. But the beauty of the game is in different maps. There are 100 levels, and each of them is done in a unique way with different weapons that spawn randomly in random locations. Weapons alone will not help you much if you don’t have skills and luck from the Stick world god who decides who will be the last man standing and who will fall.

If 100 levels are not enough game provides level editor which allows you to create your own levels. You can create a wholly unique world and input various different weapons. So far is believed that there are over 23 000 different types of levels created by community members.

Why People Like Stick Fight Game?

The game is simple to play, it is a fast-paced action game, and the battles are done fast. You won’t get bored with repeating the same actions over and over again like many grind based games today offer. No, in Stick Fight Game every level is unique, and every level will require different action from you.

The game is played with friends; you will need to find at least one friend to play this game. You will play against him, and the best player will win at the end. But the whole competition is not that important because levels are done fast and nobody remembers what happened in the previous level because there is a whole new fight going on at the new level.  

The best way to play this game is in a 4-way mode where you play against three other players, this battle royale is a slaughter, and you can sneak a victory by letting the other guys fight, or they can slaughter you fast if all three of them all at once decide to go after you. But that is rarely the case because everything happens so fast and there is no really chance to think about anything else other than to survive and kick the nearest guy ass.


Stick Fight Game is played by different type of players, in short everyone loves it because the game does not require any special skills or special PC performance. Graphic is simple and won’t stress your machine, it can be played on any PC with at least 1GB RAM and today all computers have much more than that. Team building managers in companies can use this game to steam off stress and solve conflicts. Let the people who are in some kind of conflict play the Stick Fight Game together, and the winner will decide who takes the lead. Ok, maybe that is not the best idea because instead of steaming off stress it can actually create a new one, but who knows maybe people in the conflict after the game becomes best friends.

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