Stick Fight: The Game

Remember the stick games back from the early age of the internet when computers were so weak that all they can run were browser games. Well, now the Sticks are back in Stick Fight: The Game. And to tell you the truth this is probably the best stick fight game ever. Before we talk about how to play Stick Fight: The Game we need to explain to the people who don’t know what exactly are sticks and why are they so popular.

What are Stick Games

Stick games got popular decades ago when games did not have a great graphic. Developers instead of creating expensive graphical games decided to create stick figures which are simple. The stick figures were made only from lines but the poor design was not the problem, people all over the world started to play stick games. The main advantage of stick games is the simplicity and lots of action. Lack of design is countered by extremely enjoyable action games. Today we see stick figures in many different types of games. Most popular stick games are the ones where one or more stick figures are fighting. But the people who prefer strategy games can find stickman even there. Basically, all genres are covered, you can play stick game shooting games or all-time popular defense games. Whatever you prefer I am sure you love the funny stick figures on the screen.

What You Can Find in Stick Fight: The Game

The game is available over on the steam, and it is extremely affordable. The first version of the game was released in 2017 but since the game received many updates and many players appreciate that. In the game, you will have lots of fun, action and overall extreme fights. I forgot to mention the best part of the game, which is multiplayer. Yes, you read it correctly, Stick Fight: The Game is a multiplayer game which means you can play with your friends online whenever you want. You should know that the game is not having single play mode which means you will need to play it over LAN with a friend or online using a multiplayer mode. At least 2 players are required for the game to be played, and the maximum number of players is 4.

Why You Should Play Stick Fight: The Game

If you enjoy playing simple games where the fun is in the first place and on the second is the constant action then this game is ideal for you. Having fun online with friends is what this game is made for. If you are a streamer, you should try this game and see how the audience will react. I am sure this game can be refreshment on your Twitch channel, and the audience will appreciate something new, not ordinary to watch.

If you like diversity in the games, then 80 levels or so called maps will be more than enough. On each level you have only one goal, to be the last man standing. You can fight your opponent by hands, or you can grab a weapon. Now the weapons in the game are a whole new story. Developers had a real imagination, and some of the weapons are funny but at the same time deadly. You will find many special weapons that are not shooting bullets. These exclusive weapons will often time shoot snakes. These snakes are alive and if you miss the target snake will attack the nearest person including you. Beware when you use snake launcher. Especially you need to be careful when using a minigun which shoots mini snakes. In a short period, you can flood the map with mini snakes which will eat everything that walks. If you are Star Wars fan, then I need to tell you that some maps will give you lightsabre.

Combat System is Best Part of The Game

The main goal of the game is to fight. After all title of the game says so. I am not sure when was the last time I saw such a good combat system. In the game, you can use hands and legs. The stickman will do the hitting like a Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee if you are from that age. Close pure hand to hand fighting is fun, but it will take some time to kill the enemy. Best way to destroy an enemy is to use physics. The game is made by people who understand, and you will notice that in the game. Many times you will not even need to shoot the enemy, all you will need to do is do the damage to the chains or walls which will collapse the whole building and in that way destroy the enemy. Imagination and out of the box thinking will many times lead you to the solutions that will surprise the opponent and get you an easy win. Everything on the map can be destroyed, and maybe sometimes it is the best strategy to shoot the objects on the map than directly aiming at the opponent.


Every gamer, casual or pro, streamer or smurf will enjoy the game. System requirements for this game are minimal, and I am sure any computer bought in the last 15 years will run the game without significant problems. All you need to do is install the game, find a friend and start discovering 80+ maps. Let the best stick fighter win.

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