The Last Black Market of Dishonored 2

Definition of black market

The ‘Black Market’ in Dishonored 2 is an underground economy where a variety of goods and services can be acquired without the need for barter or money. It is a lawless place where the rules of the ‘real’ world don’t apply and where the powerful, wealthy and highly skilled individuals have an advantage over the masses. Here are some of the activities that can be found in the Black Market:

  1. Illegal goods (weapons, drugs, stolen items, etc.)
  2. Contract work (assassinations, theft, smuggling, etc.)
  3. Gambling and underground fighting
  4. Blackmail and extortion
  5. Illegal markets for goods and services

The Black Market is a dangerous and often deadly place where life is cheap and the law is an afterthought. It is a world hidden beneath the surface of the city, where the most savage criminals and the most powerful players compete for power and resources. In Dishonored 2, the Black Market is a twisted version of the original game, a dark reflection of its former self.

Dishonored 2 setting

Set in the industrial city of Karnaca, Dishonored 2 immerses players in the world of a corrupt empire. As the rightful heir to the throne, Empress Emily Kaldwin, or the rebellious outsider Corvo Attano, the player must use stealth to make their way through the city in order to restore their rightful claim. Throughout the course of their journey, players will traverse a war-torn city, make their way through the darker alleys and alcoves of the city, and finally sneak past the occupants of the last black market. This secret underground black market holds the secrets to the city’s fate and is guarded by a mysterious figure determined to keep its secrets safe. With Karnaca’s landscape transformed by civil war and political turmoil, the player must use all their skill to survive the tumultuous surroundings and uncover the secrets of the last black market.

Characters involved in black market

The shady underworld of the Black Market in Dishonored 2 is populated by a wide variety of characters, each with their own motivations and goals. While the central figure of the black market is the enigmatic Overseer, the market is filled with enigmatic and dangerous figures like the Infiltrator, the Tall Boy, and the Whaler. Other characters such as the Weaver, the Guard Operator, and the Pawn Office serve to provide the market’s services and security, while also keeping its secrets. Each of these characters bring different skills to the table, and can provide the player with unique opportunities and quests throughout the game.

Black market consequences

The black market in Dishonored 2 can have grave consequences, especially if you choose to use it to gain access to items that are not available elsewhere. The black market offers powerful weapons and valuable artifacts that can give players an edge in the game. However, using the black market comes with a price – doing so can attract the attention of the watchful Overseers, who will hunt down players that use it. Not only that, the black market can also be a source of corruption and evil, as the player can use it to gain access to dark magic and forbidden technology. While the use of the black market can be convenient, it can also be dangerous, and players should use caution when looking to take advantage of its offerings.

Player’s choices

The much-loved video game Dishonored 2 is a game that gives players a huge range of choices to make. Players can choose how to approach each mission, how to use their resources, and the different ways they might choose to interact with the other characters in the game. Here are some of the ways the players are able to shape the way the game plays out:

  1. Choosing the right skills and powers which allow the player to access new areas, bypass obstacles and combat enemies.
  2. Making use of the chaotic nonlinear mission structure, giving the player the freedom to choose when and even if they complete certain tasks.
  3. Choosing to play either a low- or high-chaos approach, allowing the player to approach each mission their own way.
  4. Making moral choices that shape the way characters react to the player’s actions, opening up new ways to progress.
  5. Interacting with the world around them, whether it be through using hack tools, disabling mines and cameras, or using stealth tactics.

These are just some of the many choices the player has when playing Dishonored 2. Ultimately, the player is free to choose their own path and to craft their own story as they play.

Rewards of black market

The rewards of visiting the Black Market of Dishonored 2 are plentiful and varied. With the help of a mysterious black-marketeer known only as The Outsider, skilled players will be able to unlock powerful abilities, upgrades, and new items that can help them on their quest. Special charms can be purchased to boost specific attributes such as health, mana, and agility, while certain runes can be acquired that unlock powerful weapons and equipment. With the Outsider’s assistance, players can also purchase a number of powerful elixirs that offer temporarily increased resistance to damage, or even a temporary boost to their movement speed. In addition to these rewards, it’s possible to find unique artifacts that offer unique bonuses, such as the ability to summon allies in combat or increase the effectiveness of specific weapons. For those brave enough to venture into the shadows of the black market, there are plenty of rewards to be found.

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